Online Service


Sometimes due to physical restraints, different location or unexpected restrictions, it may not be possible for your to come to my practice and have a face to face sessions together. This, however, should not be a reason to stop you from still getting in contact with me and continuing our work together. It is because of that, that i offer my online service to you in form of Audio or Video communication via various preferred platforms such as Skype, Zoom etc.

The main important requirement is that you give yourself the time and space where you wont be interrupted or distracted for the remainder of the session. The online service is just as safe and confidential as our regular face to face session would be. This still remains a private environment for us to be conducting our work together and to provide you with the needed space to discuss your important topics.

I have been working extensively with clients online, who for the various reasons mentioned above, could not come to my practice and they all have expressed the convenience of such service.

So don't let your circumstances hinder your attempts at searching for help. Our work together may be just one click away. For more on how to contact me, click here.