“Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” —William Shakespeare


If you would like to work on specific question or problem, within a shorter rather than longer ammount of time, then my coaching services might be better suited for your situation. Coaching is a solution focused approach that targets every day life issues in a specific and clearly defined way. What coaching is suited better for, is topics such as:


  • Challenges of Single life and Dating
  • Issues concerning studies and productivity
  • Work-related stresses
  • Personal changes in life
  • Motivation and Achievement goals
  • Self-development and Self-growth
  • Career and Academic Success


Just like with Psychotherapy, your reasons for wanting coaching as a prefered service, is as unique as your own individuality and i welcome you to share them in our work together.


Coaching and Motivation have always been an area of particular interest in my education and work in the field. I take personal satisfaction in being able to be as much of a helping resource, as you tackle and work with your everday challenges and aspirations. I dedicate myself fully to providing an environment for you that is both open for you to fully express yourself, and inspiring enough to help you come up with your inner strengths and solutions concerning the topic you will bring.