About Me


Choosing the right Psychotherapist is an important step, and that’s why I would like to help you in getting to know me a little better, and get a feeling of how working together could be like.

I believe that the best results in therapy happen when there is a good therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client, and a good environment where you feel comfortable in.

With these two important factors in mind, here is what I am prepared to offer you:


  • A Non-judgmental and open attitude
  • Fully private pace in which everything that is discussed remains between us, and is guarded strictly by the laws of confidentiality and client-therapist privileges
  • Full and undivided attention towards you and your needs
  • Feeling of teamwork and cooperation, so you can feel supported and accepted unconditionally


These and other factors, can make it possible that our work together can bring out positive qualities during the sessions. I strongly believe that each of us holds within them the solutions to most of our problems and challenges in life, and I am willing to offer the best of my abilities in helping you tap your inner resources.

More about me and my qualifications:


  • Study of Psychotherapy Science at the Sigmund Freud Private University
  • Multiple years of working at the Adult Outpatient Psychotherapy Clinic at the Sigmund Freud Universitätsambulanz
  • Multiple years of training and specialization on Systemic Family Therapy
  • Clinical Internship at the Maimonides-Centre (Geronto-psychotherapy field)
  • Extensive work experience with clients from different nations and cultural backgrounds
  • Available to give therapy in English, Italian, Albanian and German
  • Featured Professional of the Month at Ushine Vienna. More Information here


First Session

The next step is to get to know more about you. It is for this exact purpose that I recommend a first session together, in which you can get to see how therapy together would look and feel like, and also for you to ask every important question you might have concerning me, my method of working and psychotherapy in general. 

Here you can book a first session session together.

I look forward to meeting you.