International English Psychotherapy for Expats in Vienna

English Psychotherapy Expats International Psychotherapist, Ilsi Kita

Psychotherapy and Coaching in Native English

I offer native english psychotherapy in my private practice in the city center of Vienna, Austria. As an expat myself I am very familiar with the struggles and topics that come with moving and living abroad and adjusting to a new culture and living situation.

As an english speaking psychotherapist it is my goal to provide you with a healthy, stable environment in which you can discuss and explore the topics you are currently dealing with.

A key factor in sucessful therapy, as well as coaching and other methods of counselling is the therapeutic relationship between therapist and client. You should feel well understood and thoroughly heard by your therapist, a key factor here is a shared language. This is not always an easy task, especially in a foreign, non english speaking country. I see many clients that are utterly relieved to have finally found a fully native english psychotherapist, who understands their point of view and does not struggle with a language barrier

That is why i decided to offer my services as a native english speaking psychotherapist to international clients from all around the world both in person in my Practice in 1010 Vienna and Online.

My english psychotherapy and counseling services are culturally sensitive and account the special challenges faced by internationals and expats living in Austria. My educational and professional journey has been fully abroad living as an international person for over ten years. During this time i have gathered the life and professional experience that allow me to offer Psychotherapy tailored to clients who, they themselves, live and work as expats abroad.

My level of native english will provide the optimal communication in this language, so that there is no linguistic barrier in our work together. I believe that one of the most important factors of successful therapy, is the feeling of being understood and that what we are discussing about feels relatable. As an international professional, i can relate to quite some common issues and challenges of living and working abroad, and i believe that my Psychotherapy education will aid as a resource for you to better tackle these challenges.